We have a few events lined up for you every year to empower you spiritually, mentally, and financially

Every 1st of May

The Roundtable Lekki

THE ROUNDTABLE LEKKI is a business development, economic empowerment, and networking forum, created to share information that will assist businesses, business owners, investors, SMEs, and individuals, to take advantage of growth opportunities that abound in their environment.

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10th December

Annual Thanksgiving

Our Annual Thanksgiving is a time when we gather to thank the Lord as a family and church for how the year has gone. It is a very expressive time in God’s presence and is always a blast to attend. We eagerly look forward to this year’s event and would love for you to attend.
See you there!

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Every October

Outreach Month

As a body of Christ, it is our mandate to bring as many souls into the fold. We decided to make this lofty task as engaging as possible in our church. Member fellowships each handle one service weekend; starting with a Community Outreach Programme on Saturday, followed by a special service on Sunday.

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